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Candle procession (1981) by Prof.Chalerm Nakiraks

Prof.Chalerm Nakiraks was born on 21st September 1917, at Trakarnpuetpol District in Ubonratchatanee Province. His father was named Dang, a clerk, and his mother was named Kum, a farmer; he was the only son of the family. Prof.Chalerm had passion in drawing and painting since he was young. Though, he passed away in 1988.

Elementary and secondary : studied at his hometown
Vocational school : Poh-Chang School
Training : Silapakorn University
Works as a government officer
1940 : Started working at Poh-Chang School
1974 : Director of Poh-Chang College
1975 : Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts, Institute of Technology and Vocational Education
1976 : Retired from Government Services (Honorary Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Institute of Technology and Vocational Education)
His achievements are mostly related to applied tradition and Thai culture being represented as oil-paintings and water-colour paintings, whereas the oil paintings received compliments from Prof. Silpa Bhirasri. His achievements have been valued all around the world and his most important achievement is the oil-painting of Thailand’s Kings as well as their families.
It has been said that Traditional Art has two dimensions, line and flat colour, whereas International Art has three dimensions, line, colour and shadow. Prof.Chalerm’s suggestion was that if you want to develop your work, you should be stable in two dimensions. Line should be used to express delicate actions and facial expressions whereas flat colour is more suitable for drawing background and environment.
Reward and Honour
Painting Award in Constitution Celebration
Painting Award from Ministry of Culture
Had two audiences with the King in 1963
Admired as National Artist in Visual Arts (Painting) 1988
Earned Ph.D. in Visual Arts from Srinakarintharaviroj University in 1990    
Reference: Poh-Chang Alumni Association, “Life & Works of Prof.Chalerm Nakiraks National Artist of Thailand,” pp. 18-22, 2000.
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